About The Site

Build Blockchain Tech offers resources for developers and entrepreneurs who want to go deep on blockchain tech. From Ethereum smart contract coding to Bitcoin internals to cryptography itself, BBT aims to create technical but approachable tutorials for the motivated learner. We're unapologetically "in the weeds," but without losing perspective on the incredible potential this technology holds.

The future will be decentralized. We'll help you build it.

About The Builder


Ben DiFrancesco

Creator of Build Blockchain Tech

Ben is a software engineer and entrepreneur from Philadelphia, PA. In a past life, he studied Aerospace Engineering and worked for Boeing, though for more than a decade he's made his career writing code. In 2014 Ben founded ScopeLift, a consultancy with a focus on mobile development and analytics.

In 2013, Ben stumbled on Bitcoin, and has been learning and building with blockchain tech ever since. He's also the co-organizer of the Philly Blockchain Tech meet up and co-creator of the CoinRecap daily newsletter.